Sunday, 11 February 2018

Book review- The Forty Rules of Love

Hi guys! Today I will be reviewing my all-time favorite book “The Forty rules of love”. I read this book a year ago and I totally loved it.

This book is written by Elif Shafak, a French born Turkish writer. Elif Shafak is one of the most acknowledged authors and feminist in Turkey. The Forty Rules of Love is one of her best sellers of all-time. This novel consists of two parallel narratives. The contemporary narrative is about an unhappily married Jewish housewife named Ella living in Northampton, Massachusetts. Ella works for a literary agency and currently she is given a book named "Sweet Blasphemy" by Aziz Zahara. The sweet blasphemy is the second narrative of this novel. Sweet blasphemy is actually about a wandering dervish Shams of Tabriz, who is a mystic Sufi. He sees the vision of his death and he know that he should find a companion to whom he can deliver his knowledge to. For that Shams travels from Samarkand to Baghdad where he gets to know about Jalaluddin Rumi, a famous scholar of that time by a Sufi. Shams travels to Konya where Rumi lives and the story unwraps itself as to how they become friends, how drastically Rumi starts to change and how people start to hate Shams including Rumi's family. On the other hand Ella becomes acquainted with the writer of sweet blasphemy Aziz Zahara over the email after she becomes highly affected by the sweet blasphemy. Over the course of emails with Aziz Zahara she finds out she is ready to give up her life, her children, her husband for the guy on the other end of the email.

I really liked the novel and most of it is because of Shams of Tabriz, from his rules of love to his strong personality to his love and belief on god everything was mesmerizing. The forty rules of love narrated by shams will definitely change your perspective on life and on your relations and obviously on God.

I will highly recommend this book to everyone. 

Saturday, 3 February 2018

DIY project- 3-D Bookmarks

Hello everybody!

How are you all? I hope all of you are doing great.
This is the second time I am writing about my DIY project. I already had told you guys that I loved arts since my childhood. I always wanted to be an artist but by some luck got into science. To keep my passion alive for arts, I keep on trying different art related stuff, whenever I get free time. DIY projects are a ‘thing’ these days. My recent DIY project was of making 3D bookmarks. I love reading books. I never buy books marks from my childhood. I make them myself. This time I made 3D bookmarks and it was quite fun activity. I made Sponge bob themed book marks.
These are very affordable bookmarks. You can use all the things from your home. This project was not very time consuming at all. Things required to make these bookmarks were:
·       Chart papers of different colors
·       Glazed papers
·       Scissors
·       Water colors of different colors
·       Poster paints of different colors

I made four bookmarks of Sponge Bob, Patric Star, Plankton and Sandy Cheeks. I draw their pictures on the chart papers, then colored them with water colors and poster paints. Different body parts were pasted like cut out to give them 3D effect.
This is how I made 3D bookmarks. It was very easy and interesting project and I loved the outcome. Do give it a try.

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Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Recipe- Chicken Bread

Hello lovelies!

Today I will be sharing a quick chicken bread recipe. It is quick and super easy. I tried it 3-4 times and believe me it turned out delicious. The dough was perfectly made and it was soft. Chicken filling was spicy. The filling inside the chicken bread is totally up to you. Many people like to add their own special touch by adding extra spices. Every time I tried it, it turned out to be amazingly delicious.

 ½ cup unsalted butter (melted)
2 cups whole milk (warm to the touch)
4 teaspoon granulated sugar
1 pack active dry yeast
5 cups flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
2-3 teaspoons salt
Filling ingredients:
1 cup boiled chicken
1 small onion (chopped)
Salt as required
1 teaspoon black pepper powder
2 green chilies (chopped)
2 table spoon capsicum
2 tablespoon butter
Mozzarella and cheddar cheese
Sesame as required
1 egg
1. Generously grease the oven tray.
2. In a large bowl, whisk together warm milk, melted butter, and granulated sugar. The mixture should be just warm. If it is hotter, allow to cool slightly.
3. Sprinkle the yeast evenly over the warm mixture and let set for 1 minute.
5. Add 4 cups of flour to the milk mixture and mix with a wooden spoon until just combined.
6. Cover the bowl with a towel or plastic wrap and set in a warm place to rise for 1 hour.
7. Preheat oven to 180˚C
8. After 1 hour, the dough should have nearly doubled in size. Remove the towel and add an additional ¾ cup of flour, the baking powder, and salt. Stir well, then turn out onto a well-floured surface.
9. Knead the dough lightly, adding additional flour as necessary, until the dough just loses its stickiness and does not stick to the surface.
10. Once the dough is done, start preparing filling. Saute chopped onion, boiled chicken, capsicum and green chilies in butter, for few minutes. Add salt, black pepper and other species (if you want).
11. Roll out dough, place the filling and make it into a chicken braid. Wash it with egg and sprinkle sesame.
12. Bake it at 180 degree in a pre-heated oven for 15 - 20 minutes until golden.

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Sunday, 21 January 2018

Product review- Matcha tea

Hello readers!

I am back after a short break or may be a long one ;). I was busy with my studies and stuff. One of my resolutions of 2018 is to be more active on the blog. Today I will be reviewing Matcha tea.
Match tea is quite different from our ordinary green tea that we consume in Pakistan. Its leaves have different texture. Unlike ordinary tea, leaves come in fine powdered form. When it comes to preparing meals and beverages for your family, one thing should always be a priority i.e. healthy nutrition. Matcha tea has certain health benefits. Having a single cup of Matcha tea in morning will help you to run throughout the day with enthusiasm. Whenever you are feeling low or you are in a bad mood, have a cup of Matcha tea, it will definitely brighten your day. Matcha tea is quite famous these days and a lot of people have made it a part of their daily life.

The best way to describe Matcha tea powder would be to say it’s a great antioxidant and a natural weight loss help, a mood-enhancer and as I found out when I started drinking it, a healthy sugar-free alternative to tea and coffee, as it is a source of much needed energy by the body, without the jitters.
Matcha tea also helps you to lose excess body fats. Make Matcha tea an integral part of your weight loss plan. It is beneficial to have Matcha tea between meals. Sipping Matcha tea with or between your snacks may help keep a check on your appetite while you follow a reduced calorie diet. Sipping Matcha tea will help you fell full hence resulting in less consumption of food. You can also have a cup of Matcha tea 30 minutes before your daily work out session. This will boost your fat burning capacity.

If you want to prepare Matcha tea in the full traditional Japanese style, all you need to do is just add a cup of water to it – it’s pretty straightforward. When it is stirred with water, it turns into this intense, full-flavored green tea.  Of course, not everyone is not fan of rich green tea flavor. I get it. There are some alternative ways of making Matcha tea a part of your daily diet.  You can add it to your cooking and drink-making recipes. It works exceptionally well: when it’s added as an ingredient, Matcha’s taste becomes more subtle.

I found this product quite good and I would like to make it a part of my daily diet in future as well.
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Thursday, 14 December 2017

My nail paint obsession

Hello readers!
How are you all? I hope you guys are doing pretty well. I am back with my yet another blog. I hope this blog will interest all the ladies and girls out there.
When it comes to makeup, I like to keep it quite simple. Just a good shade lipstick and eye liner usually save my day. But I am pretty much obsessed with nail paints. I love applying nail paints. I usually go for the darker shades because I find them cooler that the lighter shades. I have tried almost all the nail paint brands. My experience with all of them was not bad either.
The essie winter 2017 Collection features six new shades with various finishes. It’s a nice collection overall, and each one only required two coats to fully cover. I had not a single issue with any of them and all of them blew my mind!

I love Medora nail paints. They come in variety of colors and a good thing about them that I appreciate a lot is that they don’t chip off after sometime.
I love Luscious products as well. Their nail polishes with diamond finish lacquers are gorgeous, available and affordable at Rs 225 each. And they come in natural, loud and edgy as yellow colors.

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Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Keeping your lips bold and beautiful in winters

Hello readers!

How are you all? I hope you guys are doing pretty well. I am so sorry, I got so busy with studies and family commitments from the past month. I was not at all active on the blog which I totally regret and feel sad about. Now, I am back and I will be updating my blog on regular basis. J
At present, we are experiencing change of weather in Islamabad, Pakistan. Winters have arrived with the bang. I am totally loving the change in wardrobe for winters. In winters, we need to take extra care of our health and skin as change in weather can adversely affect both our health and skin. Usually we takes measures for the protection of our skin but we totally ignore our lips and hair. Today, I will be talking about lips protection and hopefully I will share a blog on healthy hair routine, soon.
Chapped and dried lips don’t look good at all. They dull the charm of your pretty face. You look dull. People might think you are dehydrated or sick. To avoid these circumstances, you need to pay attention to your lips. Licking your lips also causes dryness as saliva takes away the moisture. Lip balms, lipsticks, oils and chap sticks can help you prevent your lips. Coconut and almond oils are pretty good moisturizers. They also help to keep your lips soft. I use lip gel from Olay, it is papaya flavored and keeps my lips moisturized. It has such sweet smell. Instead of applying lipsticks on daily basis to university, I prefer chap stick. I use Paris Vogue pink colored chap stick. It’s a remedy for my dry lips. Along will that it fulfills my needs of applying lip stick on daily basis. It keeps my lips pink and glowing.

Ideally, when you are choosing anything to apply on your lips, opt for the ones that are free of flavor and fragrance, and avoid anything that stings or tingles after application.

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Sunday, 8 October 2017

Tour of my kitchen garden

Hello readers!
Today I will take you to a quick tour to my very own kitchen garden. A own kitchen garden gives you organic vegetables and fruits and you guys know that organic products are healthier than the products artificially prepared by the addition of chemical fertilizers. Organic gardening, has become increasingly popular for the modern home gardener. Specifically in Australia, USA, Canada and Germany, kitchen gardening and organic farming has gained immense popularity. Great amount of energy is used in agriculture sector, since many farm chemicals require energy intensive manufacturing processes that rely heavily on fossil fuels. Organic farmers find their method of farming to be profitable and personally rewarding. They depend on natural methods.
Growing organic products by the use of natural fertilizers and composts is not only important for healthier eating lifestyle, it also has great environmental benefits. Animals, vegetables and fruits are being grown or raised organically throughout the world.

My mom is a lover of gardening. My father also loves gardening. I have the love of gardening in my genes. Two years back, when we moved to this house, my mom fixed a spot in the backyard for kitchen garden. It is not a very small space. The soil of the backyard was ploughed before growing plants. Instead of chemical fertilizers, animal manure was added to make the soil fertile. My mother usually gets seeds and small plants from the local nursery at reasonable prices. 

We mostly grow vegetables but also some fruits are grown there. And we use organic fertilizers instead of chemical fertilizers. 
Kaddu (Pumpkin)

We grow plants twice a year i.e. in summer and winter. 

Bitter gourd flowers (Bitter gourd is commonly known as karela)
We grow green chilies, mint of two types, coriander, black pepper, karela or bitter gourd, kaddu or pumpkin, radish, carrots, lettuce, lemons, tomatoes, lauki or bottle gourd, lady finger and corn. 
Lauki (Bottle gourd)

Green chillies
These are a few pictures from my kitchen garden.
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